Responsive design

Web design and development in Cornwall with responsive design


Cut development costs and simplify maintenance of your website whilst offering content to the widest variety of devices - desktop computers, iPads and other tablets, iPhones, Android phones and other smart phones and even 'dumb' phones.

Responsive design is a new technique in web design that combines a number of advancements in CSS3. In particular, it uses 'media queries' to detect the width of the user's browser window (viewport) and display the website's content in a manner most suited to that size. Viewport size is the principal difference between browsing a website on a 19" monitor and a 3.5" phone screen.

So using responsive design enables us to serve the same content to multiple devices, rather than having to produce a whole new website for each device and duplicate the content (which then needs to be kept in sync). With responsive design we have one codebase to manage, making development easier and cheaper and maintenance quicker.

This website was developed using responsive design principles. To see it in action first make sure your browser isn't in full screen mode, then drag one of the corners to resize the window. As it changes size, you will see the website content reorganise itself to make best use of the available space.

Why is responsive design important? By the end of August 2011, the Office for National Statistics discovered that a staggering 45% of internet users used a mobile phone to access the internet (view stats). This doesn't even take into account users accessing the internet on tablets or other devices, which is a market that is growing. Can you afford to ignore half of your customers?

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